The AAUP Jobs List

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Project Management Coordinator, Getty Publications, posted on 12/04/17

Contracts/Rights and Permissions

Rights Assistant, Getty Publications, posted on 12/11/17


Marketing and Sales Director, Johns Hopkins University Press, posted on 11/28/17


SUNY Press Internships, State University of New York Press, posted on 10/24/17


Production Manager, Cambridge University Press, posted on 12/04/17

Managing Editor, Medical, Cambridge University Press, posted on 11/22/17

Journals Manager, University of Texas Press, posted on 10/20/17

Marketing and Sales

Sales & Marketing Research Coordinator, Duke University Press, posted on 1/08/18

Sales and Marketing Manager, University of Missouri Press, posted on 12/05/17

Sales and Marketing Manager, Getty Publications, posted on 11/27/17

Social Media Coordinator, Cornell University Press, posted on 11/22/17