Research Task Force


Task Force Roster

Elizabeth Windsor, Project MUSE/Johns Hopkins, Chair (brw AT press DOT jhu DOT edu)
Anthony Cond, Liverpool University Press
Toni Gunnison, University of Wisconsin Press
Mary Frances Gydus, MIT Press
Kimberly Lutz, ITHAKA S+R
Cason Lynley, Duke University Press
Alphonse MacDonald, National Academies Press
Brigitte Shull, Cambridge University Press
Rebecca Welzenbach, University of Michigan Press
Stephanie Williams, University of Missouri Press

Board Liaison
Meredith Babb, Florida

Central Office Liaison
Brenna McLaughlin


Research is one of the four key goals in the AAUP Strategic Plan. Scholarly communications, broadly including all academic journal, book, and alternative digital scholarly output without regard to the publishing entity, appears to be undergoing disruptive change. Within this context, effective data-gathering and analysis are essential if university presses are to advocate effectively for their continued essentiality within the scholarly communications ecosystem, explore new publishing and financial models, and respond responsibly to real or perceived disturbance and reprioritization in both publishing and higher education. The Research Task Force is charged with establishing a research agenda for the association that will enable its members to

  1. Measure and communicate the value of their press,
  2. Identify and realize opportunities to increase the value of their press, and
  3. Recognize and respond to change within publishing and higher education.

Committee Reports and Projects

2016–2017 Final Report