Journals Committee


Committee Roster

Katie Luu, MIT, Chair (heasleyk AT mit DOT edu)
Julie Lambert, Penn State
Levi Rubeck, MIT
Tara Reeser, Wayne State
Brian Shea, Johns Hopkins
Katie Smart, Duke
Ann Snoeyenbos, Johns Hopkins/Project MUSE
Emily Taylor, Ohio State

Board Liaison
Patrick Alexander, Penn State

Central Office Liaison
Kim Miller


General Objective: Develop and manage tools, programs, and resources to assist AAUP members in improving the activities of and promoting the public face of their journals programs.

Specific Tasks:

  • Working with the Program Committee, arrange a Journals Assembly at the 2017 AAUP Annual Meeting.
  • Working with the Program Committee, develop and implement journals-focused sessions for each available session slot at the 2017 AAUP Annual Meeting, including new Collaboration Labs.
  • Design/distribute direct mail messages (both postal and e-mail, if budget exists) announcing journals-focused meeting programming to each journals member of the AAUP.
  • Survey members of the AAUP journals community to determine how the AAUP can better serve their interests.
  • Maintain a list of significant reports and articles and blogs pertaining to scholarly journal publishing; announce additions to that list through regularly postings to the AAUP-J list and appropriate social media (e.g., LinkedIn Discussion Forum and the Facebook Group).
  • Task members of the community to create/share new journals-focused content for sharing and posting to the AAUP-J list.
  • Make a summary report on Committee activities to the AAUP Board in time for its November, March, and June meetings.
  • Review your General Objective and Specific Tasks, and recommend changes for next year to the Executive Director.

Committee Reports and Projects

Scholarly Journals Survey Reports

Reports to the Board

2016–2017 Final Report
2015–2016 Final Report

2014–2015 Final Report
2013–2014 Final Report
2012–2013 Final Report
2011–2012 Final Report
2010–2011 Final Report
2009–2010 Final Report
2008–2009 Final Report
2007-2008 Final Report