Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee


Committee Roster

Julia Kushnirsky, Columbia, Chair (jk3151 AT columbia DOT edu)
Kaelin Broaddus, Georgia
Pete Halverson, Mississippi
Lisa Hamm, Columbia
Marianne Jankowski, Northwestern
Scott Levine, Cornell
Ali Parington, Princeton
Julie Thomson, Duke

Board Liaison
John Donatich, Yale

Central Office Liaisons
Kim Miller
Bailey Bretz


General Objective: Coordinate 2016–17 Book, Jacket, and Journal Show.

Specific tasks:

  • Select judges for each segment of the show (specifically to include representation from the scholarly books and book interiors segments) by October 2016.
  • Solicit donations of paper, composition, and printing for: (a) call for entries; (b) show catalogue; and, (c) award certificates.
  • Design and produce: (a) call for entries by November 2016; show catalog by May 2017; and, (c) award certificates by July 2017.
  • Work to develop an electronic catalogue; explore other opportunities to digitize the awards process.
  • Continue to implement awards recognizing excellence in digital publishing activities.
  • Recommend and establish awards that responsibly diversify the recipient pool; for example, an award targeting first-time entrants, awards that encourage entries from small presses, and/or, awards that specifically target under-represented AAUP constituencies (e.g., an award for two-color cover design, an award for case-bound cover design)
  • Coordinate a mid-January judging with the Central Office.
  • Coordinate the book, jacket, and journal session at the 2017 Annual Meeting, thinking creatively about new ways in which this session might be structured.
  • Publicize the show to the larger design community.
  • Make a summary report on Committee activities to the AAUP Board in time for its November, March, and June meetings.
  • Review your General Objective and Specific Tasks, and recommend changes for next year to the Executive Director.

Committee Reports and Projects

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Reports to the Board
Previous to the 2010-2011 term, the Book, Jacket, and Journal Show Committee operated under the name "Design and Production Committee." The committee was renamed to refelect their primary role in organizing the annual design show and catalog, and a new Design and Production Committee was formed with a separate charge.

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