Audit Committee


Committee Roster

Erik Smist, Johns Hopkins, Chair (eas AT press DOT jhu DOT edu)
Meredith Babb, Florida
Mike Bieker, Arkansas
Nadine Buckland, West Indies
Donna Shear, Nebraska 

Central Office Liaison
Tim Muench


General Objective: Provide oversight to the conduct of the association’s annual financial audit.

Specific tasks:

  • Confirm the selection of an independent accounting firm to conduct the audit
  • Meet (virtually) with principals of the accounting firm responsible for conducting the audit to review audit procedures, answer questions, and receive the audit report
  • Review any disclosures contained in the audit report to ensure completeness and accuracy
  • Review the final audit report, following up with the independent accounting firm as necessary
  • Report annually to the board and the membership on the outcome of the audit

Committee Reports and Projects

2016–2017 Final Report