Annual Meeting Program Committee—Austin 2017


Committee Roster

Mary Rose Muccie, Temple, Chair (maryrose DOT muccie AT temple DOT edu)
Amanda Lanne-Camilli, SUNY
Brady Dyer, Texas
Jill Rodgers, MIT
Sylvia Hunter, Toronto
Sharon Pavlas-Mills, Texas A&M

Board Liaison
Darrin Pratt, Colorado

Central Office Liaison
Susan Patton


General Objective: Organize the program and procure speakers/panellists/moderators for the 2017 Annual Meeting.

Specific Tasks:

  • Schedule a formal one-day meeting of the Committee in early fall to brainstorm topics and speakers for the sessions and divide up responsibilities for various panels and plenaries.
  • Continue to develop and support Collaboration Labs.
  • Within existing constraints (time, resources, contractual obligations to hotel), incorporate alternative session formats (e.g., unmeetings, vendor forums)
  • Attract individuals from beyond the AAUP community – both as speakers and attendees.
  • Establish a draft program schedule by October 2016. Provide outline of the program in an October report to the Board. Recruit program speakers by February 2017.
  • Submit a proposed allocation of the speakers’ budget to the Central Office by February 2017.
  • Develop speaker/facilitator guidelines to ensure expectations are clearly communicated and sessions are sufficiently interactive.
  • Design a logo for the meeting.
  • Provide copy for preliminary program by February 1, 2017, and a final printed program by May 1, 2017, or other dates provided by the Central Office.
  • Work with the Central Office to help market the Annual Meeting.
  • Work with the Central Office to attract sponsors for the Annual Meeting.
  • Make a progress report to the AAUP Board in time for its November, March, and June meetings; the March report should include the preliminary program.
  • Review your General Objective and Specific Tasks, and recommend changes for next year to the Executive Director.

Committee Reports and Projects

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